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Erika Simms was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Her parents, both outdoor adventurers, fostered her love for nature from a young age. Defining memories from growing up in Alaska include climbing in the Chugach Mountains, camping in bear country, and meeting Smokey the Bear at Portage Glacier. After a stopover in Washington, Erika moved to Colorado in 2010 and fell in love with the state. Thirteen years later, she created Colorado Culture Magazine. When Erika isn’t writing stories about colorful Colorado, she can be found on the hiking trails, ski slopes, and gravel roads.
William Dickens Longmont House
The Oldest Unsolved Murder In Boulder Was Probably Solved A Century Ago
In 1914 a wealthy Boulder businessman was gunned down in his home. Detectives likely nabbed the greedy man who did it, but the case remains unsolved.
Orchard of young peach trees in Palisade, Colorado
Exploring The Roots Of Colorado's Culture Capitals
From "Peach Capital of Colorado" to "Celery Capital of the World," Colorado towns have earned a number of unique nicknames over the years. Many have fascinating roots.
Historic photo of gold prospector at his Pikes Peak cabin
May In Colorado History
Clear Creek gold discovery ignites “Gregory Fever," Boulder decimated by flood, Elitch Zoological Gardens opens, construction begins on Denver Ordnances Plant.
Headshot of Rufus "Potato" Clark
Meet The Whale-Hunting, Gold-Mining Potato King Of Colorado
From hunting whales to mining gold to cultivating potatoes, the "Potato King of Colorado" is a storied character from Colorado history.
"Wheel With Wooden Tools" by Rod Rosebrook (1977)
How Colorado Folk Artist Rod Rosebrook Became An Unlikely Sensation
When Colorado-born buckaroo and blacksmith Rod Rosebrook turned tools from his barn into works of art, galleries, museums, and folk art collectors were enthralled.
Magellan T Bear (NASA)
Rural Colorado Kids Sent The First Teddy Bear Into Space
The charming story of how students and faculty from Elk Creek Elementary School in rural Pine, Colorado, partnered with NASA to send "Magellan T. Bear" on an epic space mission.
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