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Erika Simms was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Her parents, both outdoor adventurers, fostered her love for nature from a young age. Defining memories from growing up in Alaska include climbing in the Chugach Mountains, camping in bear country, and meeting Smokey the Bear at Portage Glacier. After a stopover in Washington, Erika moved to Colorado in 2010 and fell in love with the state. Thirteen years later, she created Colorado Culture Magazine. When Erika isn’t writing stories about colorful Colorado, she can be found on the hiking trails, ski slopes, and gravel roads.
Katydid Fossil from Green River Formation in Rio Blanco County, Colorado
Ancient Insect Discoveries From Across Colorado (Part 1)
Colorado's ancient bugs have fascinating stories to tell. In the first part of a two-part series, we're looking at prehistoric katydids, cockroaches, and root weevils.
Denver pond turtles on a log beginning winter migration.
Annual Winter Turtle Migration Begins
After an unexplained delay that has turtle enthusiasts scratching their heads, the pond turtles in urban parks across Denver have finally begun their southward migration.
Autolandscape, Colorado (2) by Elaine Mayes
How Photographer Elaine Mayes Reimagined Colorado Landscapes
Conceptual photographer Elaine Mayes documented rural Colorado from her moving car window, challenging the notion of what artistic landscapes should look like.
Mountain Goat above Montezuma, Colorado
Mountain Goats Are Stirring Up Controversy In Colorado's High Country
High up in Colorado's alpine, mountain goats scramble up and down rocky cliffs, unaware of the controversy their existence stirs.
Garden Gnome and Donkey Squatters
Aspen Family Discovers Garden Gnomes Squatting In Backyard
The last thing a family from Aspen, Colorado expected to find when returning home from vacation was a colony of garden gnomes taking up residence in their backyard.
Male wild turkey strutting in Colorado
Meet The Gregarious Wild Turkeys Thriving In Colorado
Thanks to the ongoing conservation efforts of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, wild turkeys are living the good life.