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Erika Simms was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Her parents, both outdoor adventurers, fostered her love for nature from a young age. Defining memories from growing up in Alaska include climbing in the Chugach Mountains, camping in bear country, and meeting Smokey the Bear at Portage Glacier. After a stopover in Washington, Erika moved to Colorado in 2010 and fell in love with the state. Thirteen years later, she created Colorado Culture Magazine. When Erika isn’t writing stories about colorful Colorado, she can be found on the hiking trails, ski slopes, and gravel roads.
1950s postcard of the Mile High City
A 1950s Postcard Road Trip Through Denver's Urban Parks
Postcards from the 1950s illustrate a family’s day of sightseeing in Denver’s Washington Park, City Park, Cheesman Park, and Botanic Gardens.
Albacore tuna wrapped in rope
Exotic Tuna Carcass Washes Up At Dillon Reservoir
Marine biologists are questioning everything they know about the ocean-dwelling Albacore tuna after a tuna carcass washes up at Dillon Reservoir.
Meet The Undisputed Potato King Of Colorado
From hunting whales to mining gold to cultivating potatoes, the "Potato King of Colorado" was a storied character from Colorado history.
Weather Vane
September In Colorado History
During the late 19th century, September was a rewarding month for Park County inventors. They were granted patents for practical inventions ranging from an amalgamator to a signal transmitter actuated by the wind in a weathervane.
Dearfield Founder O.T. Jackson Home Colorado (Rocky Mountain News, 2008)
August In Colorado History
Castlewood Canyon Dam bursts, President Roosevelt establishes Holy Cross Forest Reserve, and Dearfield ghost town becomes a National Registered Historic Place.
1950s Postcard of The Tepees in Golden, Colorado
A 1950s Postcard Road Trip Through Denver's Front Range
Postcards from the 1950s illustrate a family’s vacation through Denver's Front Range, including Red Rocks, Buffalo Bill’s Grave, and “The Tepees” of Golden.