Garden Gnome and Donkey Squatters
Aspen Family Discovers Garden Gnomes Squatting In Backyard
The last thing a family from Aspen, Colorado expected to find when returning home from vacation was a colony of garden gnomes moving into their backyard.
Postcard featuring a jackalope
Jackalopes Escape Denver Zoo With Help Of Human Getaway Driver
A pair of jackalopes disappeared from their enclosure at a Denver area zoo. Officials believe a human accomplice served as their getaway driver.
Dejected Kid With Chess Board
Thumb Wars Banned From High School Chess Clubs
In high school chess clubs across Colorado, thumb wars—the emotional crux of every chess match—will soon be absent from the game.
Bananas with funny faces
Banana Meat Advocacy Group Sways Colorado Lawmakers
Great news, bananatarians! Banana-based meats will soon be available on menus across Colorado, thanks to legislation championed by local banana meat advocacy group.
Albacore Tuna Wrapped in Rope
Exotic Tuna Carcass Washes Up At Dillon Reservoir
Marine biologists are questioning everything they know about the ocean-dwelling Albacore tuna after a tuna carcass washes up at Dillon Reservoir.